ABI StepOnePlus

Real-Time PCR System

The Applied Biosystems StepOnePlus™ (96-well) Real-Time PCR System offers intuitive software, Fast (<40 min) and standard (<2 hr) runs, and are configured for PC-free or networked operation. These factory-calibrated systems make it easy to step up to high-performance qPCR. And now these systems support high resolution melt (HRM) software.

The StepOnePlus System brings advanced real-time PCR technology to a new level of accessibility—even for first-time users. The StepOnePlus System measures amplification as it occurs, cycle by cycle, allowing for precise and quantitative measurements during the exponential phase of PCR. Beginning at the homepage, you can navigate seamlessly through all aspects of the real-time PCR process including sample and reaction setup, thermal cycling, and fluorescent detection. Focused application software analyzes and interprets experimental results. Depending on the experimental design, the system can even help you select and order real-time PCR reagents online by means of convenient links in the software (optional). The system provides 2-fold discrimination with 99.7% confidence, along with 9 logs of dynamic range. Highly sensitive, these systems detect 10 copies of RNase P in a 30-μL reaction.

We offer a complete 2013 StepOnePlus System. Includes additional performance features supporting the full range of TaqMan® Assays, while providing ease of use and a small footprint.


  • Fully refurbished to meet factory specifications
  • NEW PM service
  • NEW Dye calibrations
  • Tested and verified prior to shipment
  • Sold Guaranteed in Good Working Condition
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality qPCR results
  • 4-color
  • 96-well PCR instrument
  • Innovative VeriFlex™ Block for convenient PCR optimization
  • Dell Laptop
  • ABI StepOne Plus v2.1 software (loaded on laptop)
  • Manuals
  • WARRANTY: 90 Days


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